Owner/Personal trainer, Jeff Wickersham, is an ACE certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast who loves finding alternate workouts to include in his programming.  Jeff is a husband and father of two very active boys, ages 8 and 7.  He has played sports all his life including high school football and basketball.  Jeff has also been a youth sports coach for 4+ years in the Springford area football and basketball associations.  Jeff brings passion, energy, and a positive attitude to every workout.  Jeff believes that each and every day is a gift and should be lived to the fullest.

Heather Wickersham is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist, full-time special education teacher, wife, and mother of two incredible young boys; Jackson and Carter.  Heather wasn’t always as passionate about fitness as she is today.  It wasn’t until she met her husband Jeff that she began making fitness and exercise a priority.  With Jeff’s guidance, she was able to realize the immense benefits that staying active can have on your entire life.  Along with her personal training and weight management specialist certifications, Heather holds certifications in POUND and PiYo.  She believes that every single day is a gift…open it, celebrate, enjoy it.

Crissy Brase is a trainer, wife, and mom of two: Avery (almost 2) and Sean (5). She uses a combination of her certifications to create challenging but fun workouts. Some of her certifications include: TRX, Crossfit, Parisi Speed School Conditioning for Athletes and Youth, and USA Weightlifting. She also has a degree in Health and Human Performance from Roanoke College.  Crissy will always be there to help guide you through your workout and believes that everyone deserves to find the best version of themselves.

Jen Richford is a mother of two boys and a little girl and has been in the fitness business for over 10 years. As a FIT camp intructor at metamorFIT, she loves motivating people and helping them reach their goals as well as teaching them to love themselves from the inside out.

Kevin Sabo is a NASM certified personal trainer who enjoys incorporating new fitness concepts into his group classes, as well as personal training sessions.  Having grown up playing sports like football, baseball, and track, Kevin’s passion for fitness started as an athlete himself.  Kevin has also coached high school football and is a strength and conditioning coach. Kevin likes to bring a high-energy, fun atmosphere to each workout, and believes that every day can be an opportunity to improve yourself and help someone along the way. 

Alicia Strenkoski is a New York City trained Pound Instructor that implements cardio jam sessions inspired by intense and energetic fun using Ripsticks.  Alicia is a wife and a mother of four active children.  She is an active member in the Spring-Ford school district and youth football league. She enjoys training, running, and being a positive influence to others.  Her love for teaching enables her to bring a fun and fulfilling workout to others to help them obtain their fitness goals.  Alicia believes “It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday.”


Amanda has been active from the time she could walk. She grew up with a passion for dancing, swimming, cheerleading, and volleyball. Those passions transpired into her obtaining fitness certifications in Barre, Pilates, and TRX. "Fitness for me is all about the mind-body connection. Once you learn how to quiet your mind and trust your body, transformations happens and you realize you are so much stronger than you thought you were. Watching these transformations happen within clients is why I love teaching". By day, Amanda is on a crisis response team assisting domestic violence survivors to safety. She is truly dedicated to empowering others to become the best versions of themselves. Her classes are high energy, challenging, and will not disappoint! 

Lauren (Rahilly) Wolicki is a native of South Jersey, who has recently moved from Philly to Montgomery County.  It is here where she expanded her traditional dance training to include fitness.  What started as a random decision to become certified as a personal trainer through NASM; spiraled into a personal passion for health and wellness.  Lauren pursues fitness and holds professional certifications in multiple forms including Mat Pilates, Bikram Yoga, Spinning, TRX, Kettlebell, FitBar, Battlerope and most intensely CrossFit; constantly adding to her exercise repertoire. Before fitness, Lauren had extensive training in classical dance disciplines.  Through movement she has gained an intense and articulate knowledge of the body that has assisted her in creating unique fitness classes that are in high demand on both the personal and industrial level and include preventative and rehabilitative movement principles.  Her clients will tell you that her fitness classes are tough but the results are well worth the sweat.  Lauren has been a preferred choice in the Philly area to represent such sports and fitness icons as Reebok and City Sports as well as fitness modeling through many different venues.  In 2013 Lauren started her own health and fitness blog.  You can also find her at home workouts through Instagram @lrahfit on Pinterest and through her Facebook page.  She is excited to offer an intense but easily modified 45 minute Kettlebell and HIIT class for ALL fitness levels at metamorFIT Health & Fitness Studio.